By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jun 26, 2020 13:30 IST
Indian Army Soldier's message from China Border, urges Citizens to show patriotism

A video has went viral on Social Media from Thursday, showing a clear message from an Indian Army soldier, who is heading for China border. In his message to the people of India, the Indian Army Soldier says he is heading for the India’s Border to China & in clear way urges citizens to Boycott Chinese Apps and products of China. He asks citizens to show the patriotism as it's right time to do, soldier urges.

An unnamed Indian Army Soldier recorded a live video in its mobile and later went viral across the country. In the video he mentions that facing the tough terrain and arising situation, personnel are showing their patriotism and service to the nation. In the video he further goes, urging Indian citizens to show patriotism with their fingers by un-installing Chinese apps from mobiles.

“This is the right time to show patriotism, we are showing ours, you just need to do this with your fingers”, the soldier said. Bring-up your patriotism up, this is the right time, he said. “Staying at home you can show your patriotism with your fingers, just un-install Chinese apps, products”, he urged. Just beside of him, an Army Truck also spotted which confirms that Soldier is heading towards India-China Border and on a rough road.

Highlighting the tough terrain across border, he says, there is a point when Road ends and from there the tough terrain starts. There seems tough terrain Indian Army use to match its requirements alongside of China border. In last the soldier bless citizens of the country to remain calm and just boycott Chinese apps and Products.

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After the violent clash in Galwan Valley at Ladakh, a huge build up has taken place on both sides at Border. Soldiers from both India and China are counted in huge numbers at border. India is engaging China both militarily and diplomatically a report stated.

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