Indian Army foils attempt by Chinese PLA to intrude across Sikkim border, 20 PLA soldiers injured

According to a recent report, soldiers from the Indian Army and PLA had a physical engagement at Naku La in north Sikkim three days ago. Injuries have been reported on both sides, however, the situation remains under control for now.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jan 25, 2021 12:10 IST
Indian Army foils attempt by Chinese PLA to intrude across Sikkim border, 20 PLA soldiers injured
Indo-China clash

The situation around the -China border doesn't seem to cool down as reports of another physical clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers have come in. This time, the clash took place at Naku La in north Sikkim three days ago. Naku La, incidentally, was one of the original face-off sites, along with Pangong Tso, Galwan, Gogra, Hot Springs, in early May last year.


As per the reports, the situation at the Indo-China border is under control for now, but, the point of concern is that this news has come right after the conclusion of  9th round of corps commander level talks between PLA and the Indian army. This clearly shows that disengagement efforts have not made any impact on the current situation.

According to sources, Chinese troop patrol attempted to intrude over the Indian side and a brawl ensued. About 20 PLA soldiers have sustained injures, some injuries were reported on the Indian side as well. Indian Army was able to push back Chinese Soldiers across their side of the border. This is the second clash between both sides which has reported in over a year.

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The Border Skirmishes between PLA and the Indian army were first reported in April 2020, the situation worsened in June 2020 when soldiers from both sides were killed in Galwan Valley. 9 rounds of Corps commander level meetings have taken place as well as defense ministries from both sides have held several talks, no major breakthrough has been achieved so far.

From Taiwan to India, China has been trying to subvert global stability. It was recently reported that PLAAF intruded inside Taiwanese airspace with its Flankers and Xian H-6 bombers. This shows CCP's expansionary aggressive attitude towards its neighboring countries.

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