Chup Review: A Rare Entertainer In These Turbulent Times, Dulquer Salmaan Steals The Show

Dulquer Salmaan & Sunny Deol's latest film, Chup has turned out to be an extremely engaging & thriller & the movie can be seen as one of the rarest Bollywood hits of 2022. Here's our Chup Review for you.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Sep 23, 2022 13:03 IST
Chup Review: A Rare Entertainer In These Turbulent Times, Dulquer Salmaan Steals The Show
Chup review

Film Name: Chup: Revenge of the Artist

Cast: Sunny Deol & Dulquer Salmaan

Rating- 3.5/5

Chup, directed by R Balki and starring Dulquer Salmaan and Sunny Deol, is a dramatic and thought-provoking thriller that attempts to investigate the underlying purpose of cinema criticism. Fortunately, the film does it without becoming preachy or unduly theatrical. Here's our Chup review for you. 

Chup Review

Chup is about a serial murderer who murders critics for offending artists with merciless remarks. The authorities quickly enlist the help of daring detective Arvind Mathur (Sunny) to investigate the crime. He notices a few surprising connections between the murders, setting the scenario for a cat-and-mouse game.

The core plot is extremely compelling, as it includes pretty much everything that one would expect from a thriller, from a little of gore to a liberal dosage of surprises. Because of the masterfully handled screenplay, the enticing premise outperforms its potential.

In general, a thriller can only function if it delivers a punch without trying too hard. Take, for example, Drishyam. The Mohanlal-led film, which was remade in Hindi with Ajay Devgn in the lead, became a cult classic because everything about it felt as natural as possible. This is precisely where Chup excels. Initially, the picture moves at its own speed as director R Balki methodically develops its environment. Given the genre, violence is an essential component of the story. None of the scenes attempt to surprise the audience. Instead, these scenes are used to investigate the serial killer's psychology.

The writing, on the other hand, is at its best in the romance passages. Dulquer Salmaan's interactions with Shreya Dhanwanthary appeal to fans of lighthearted yet genuine love stories. These sequences are neither filmic or pretentious in the least.

Several short but interesting segments in the film highlight the delicate relationship between art and its critics. The second half is a little boring in places, but it does a good job of laying the stage for the explosive finish. Chup's closing segments address a sensitive subject while enjoying the magic of cinema.

Dulquer gives an excellent portrayal as a multifaceted character. His chemistry with Shreya may remind you of his easygoing relationship with Nithya Menen in OK Kanmani.

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However, his approach to moments expressing his character's anguish differs significantly from that of Fahadh Faasil in films such as Joji and Maheshinte Pratikaaram. FaFa internalised his characters through his eyes. DQ, on the other hand, use body language to highlight his character's intricacies.

Sunny Doel, on the other hand, is the scene stealer here. The seasoned actor gives an exquisitely restrained performance. He has a powerful punch without even stretching his muscles. The inherent intensity he gives to Chup may remind you of his work in the underappreciated Ghayal 2.

Saranya and Pooja Bhatt are underutilised characters. Despite her short screen time, the former makes her presence known. The dialogues are situational, with lines like 'Scorcese nahi Shetty' and 'Galti Se Tax' standing out. The editing is excellent since Chup does not drag. The romance music featured in the film, on the other hand, could have been more catchy. The other technical features are satisfactory.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, Chup is a tremendously engaging and sophisticated thriller that, thanks to its novel concept, may'silence' its detractors. We would advise not to watch this film if you have a tender heart, any heart ailments or general issues with blood & gore, overall, its a definitely a one time watch that one should not miss out on.

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