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Asuraguru Review & Rating: All about action thriller of Vikram Prabhu's Tamil movie

Movie Review: Asuraguru
Star Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Mahima Nambiar, Yogi Babu
Director:  A.Raajdheep
Asuraguru Movie Rating: 2/5

After offering a surprising performance in 'Vaanam Kottatum', Vikram Prabhu returns with his next project 'Asuraguru'. Vikram Prabhu's long-pending film is preparing to release the film on March 13 this Friday. The review and rating of the movie Asuraguru brought to our visitors, Vikram Prabhu's action avatar in the movie also seems quite interesting. While the 'Asuraguru' trailer is sure to be action-packed, Vikram is reported to be playing a thief in the movie. While the female protagonist of the movie Mahima Nambiar plays a detective.

Asuraguru Review

Meanwhile, Yogi Babu, Manobala, and Subbaraju have also been cornered to play crucial supporting roles in the film. 'Asuraguru' is directed by rookie Raajdheep, a former associate of director Mohan Raja, and previously assured that the film will be different from the previously released action thrillers. A glimpse of 'Asuraguru' was recently released by the creators, and Vikram Prabhu was seen robbing a bank while police officers were on site. The film is funded by JSB Sathish under the motto JSB Studios and has music by Simon King.

Stealing from the rich for a good cause is an old trope. But debuting director A Raajdheep, an associate of Mohan Raja, assures us that the treatment of his Asuraguru, which will be released this Friday, will be different from what we have seen before. Asuraguru also stars Yogi Babu and Raajdheep says that his presence is not just for fun. 'The whole plot revolves around his little tea shop, which is where all the planning takes place,' he says.

Asuraguru Review

Asuraguru Review & Rating

The story of the movie Asuraguru, which revolves around three main characters, says There is a solid reason for my protagonist Shakti (Vikram Prabhu) to go on a wave of heists. There is a method for your well planned and impeccably executed movements. After making six robberies, he is trapped. A private detective (Mahima Nambiar) and an IPS officer (Subbaraju) are chasing Shakti '.

Asuraguru is a very engaging thriller that keeps you guessing till the last frame accompanied by Fantastic BGM, cinematography, and Direction. The movie’s thorough analysis brings movie in category to a one-time watch. A. Raajdheep directed film is hitting screens on March 13th, & seems not to turn up severe heat as per reviews and rating provided. 

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