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Top Gun: Maverick


26 Jun 2020

Formet: 2D

Drama Action

Views - 253
Summary - Top Gun: Maverick is an upcoming Hollywood movie directed by Joseph Kosinski, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Tom Cruise, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger with screenplay written by Peter Craig, Justin Marks, Christopher McQuarrie, and Eric Warren Singer. It is the sequel to Top Gun (1986) and stars Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, and Val Kilmer, with Cruise and Kilmer reprising their roles from the first film.

Top Gun: Maverick Release date

26 Jun 2020

Langauge - English

Formet - 2D

Drama Action

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