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Shakuntala Devi


26 Jun 2020

Formet: 2D

Drama Biography

Views - 750
Summary - Shakuntala Devi is an upcoming bollywood film. Vidya Balan's forthcoming biopic based on the life of Math expert Shakuntala Devi. Shakuntala Devi was a mathematician master, Balan also learnt about her skills that earned her the title of Human Computer'. Her wicked sense of humour made her popular and loved among her peers. For the uninitiated, Shakuntala Devi's genius was first discovered at the age of five when she apparently solved a mathematical problem designed for 18-year-old students. The film is directed by Anu Menon. Film release on Summer 2020.

Shakuntala Devi Release date

26 Jun 2020

Langauge - Hindi

Formet - 2D

Drama Biography

Cast & Crew