DramaKannadaShruthi Hariharan, Sampath Kumar Na Nathicharami : Cast and Crew , Release Date - See latest

calendar Release On : 21 - Sep - 2018


Nathicharami- Today India has achieved tremendous progress but yet our society has many reservations related to the subject of sex and desire. Even the use of the word 'sex' freely is considered a sin by itself. We have advanced technologically, the world is accessible on our fingertips and everything around us is out in the 'open'. Along with our progress, a frame called 'convention' is also growing alongside since time immemorial. The intrinsic factors are controlling human actions rather than the ones that are external. This is not only prevalent in villages or towns, but even the large metropolitan cities have also been inherently imposing restrictions on society.

Genre : Drama
Format : 2D
Language : Kannada