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Finders Keepers

calendar Release On : 01 - Dec - 2017

Time : 1 Hours, 34 Minutes


Lonnie Cabot, a cleaner at the nightclub lives a lonely life until he befriends a club patron, Brian Bekker, a manic depressive. Lonnie's life changes completely when he finds a box containing a wad of cash and a watch hidden in a toilet at the club. However, Lonnie doesn't know the money belongs to the club owner, a Russian mob who uses these boxes for diamond trafficking. Brian somehow convinces Lonnie to bet the cash on a horse race. Meanwhile, a local gang leader, Jackie Jardine is looking to find his son's murderer and believes Lonnie is the culprit. As Lonnie and Brian find it difficult to retrieve the cash from the bookie, they steal a lucky fish to repay the debt to the Russian mob.

Certificate : A
Genre : Comedy
Format : 2D
Language : English