By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 11:39 IST
Ajit Pawar Will be Expelled from NCP Party? This is Sharad Pawar’s Reply

NCP Party Leader Sharad Pawar on Monday asked during Media briefing will Ajit Pawar of NCP Party who has sworn as Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra State be expelled from the Party? Ajit Pawar who overtaking the decision of NCP Party & its leader Sharad Pawar on November 23rd sworn as Deputy Chief Minister along with Devendra Fadnavis has become a part of contention for Sharad Pawar.  

Sharad Pawar Replies on Ajit Pawar’s Expel from Party 

sharad pawar replies on ajit pawar expel from ncp party

On Monday when asked about the removal of Ajit Pawar from NCP, Sharad Pawar replied that the decision Ajit Pawar took was his individual in nature. Ajit Pawar’s decision is something for which a single individual takes a decision, it has to be decided by the party when the matter comes before it. 

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Fadnavis Ajit Pawar Sworn as CM / Dy CM 

ncp leader sharad pawar on ajit pawar expel from party

One hand Maharashtra BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis has sworn as CM of Maharashtra and NCP’s Ajit Pawar has become Deputy CM, whereas on other hand NCP party, Shiv Sena & Congress parties have approached the Supreme Court over showing majority in forming their government as coalition.  

On Monday morning NCP leaders including Shinde, Thorat, Chavan ji, Vinayak Raut ji, Azmi ji, KC Padvi and on behalf of NCP, gave a letter to Governor showing their strength of 162 MLAs. Ahead of that BJP, Congress & NCP all parties have approached Supreme Court over the alleged formation of Government.  

Maharashtra Governor in this case has given 14 days for floor test to BJP & NCP Party, whereas other hand BJP & other leaders are demanding that floor test time should be 7 days. Procedure of Appointment of Protem Speaker, Oath, Election of Speaker & other issues are still under issues over contentions.

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