02 Apr 2020, 06:27 am By See Latest Desk
Hangover Kannada movie review: Lack of humour and emotion, Watch it on our own risk

Hangover is about a group of guys who set out for a night of fun and they caught in a murder mystery. The young guys set out for a night of fun. They wake up to discover the dead body of a girl in their living room. This makes them prime suspects in the murder. They manage to unveil what really happened regarding the film.  

Hangover, as the title suggests, is also one such. Unfortunately, the story lacks any punch and the twists are rather dull to even create any sense of humour towards the film.
 The film sinks even further down is the amateur acting of the lead cast. Most of them lack the necessary emotions and seem to be reciting dialogues without any conviction. The film running time is 2 hours , but the lack of story line and the flawed acting makes one feel like the film doesn't seem to end. There are hardly any recovery factors to the film. So, we can say that a risk is taken to go to watch the movie.