INDIA Cases - 218,437, Deaths - 6,104

Global Cases - 6,608,462, Deaths - 388,587

Will Lockdown Extend in India? PM to chair Video Conference with CMs at 11 - See Latest
Will Lockdown Extend in India? PM to chair Video Conference with CMs at 11

Central Government has refused to increase the date of the Lockdown or extension in lockdown so far, but state Authorities have hinted that extension in Lockdown would serve better. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to chair Video Conference meeting with all state Cheif Ministers today at 11AM. Likely the decision on Coronavirus extension couuld be taken after meeting wity CMs. Coronavirus cases in India are surging from last week and specially after incidence like Tablighi Jamaat, which resulted sharp in Coronavirus hotspots across country. Some state authorities including in Uttar Pradesh and Telangana have hinted that at state level Lockdown can be extended. Government of India or Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) however has not spacified any extension. PM has suggested to determine three zones Red, Yellow and Green across India.

Though Government sources have hinted that there likely to be anotther Lockdown across India but the decision is likely after review of situation. PM Modi on April 11 has scheduled to chair VC with CMs on Saturday it is being assumed that decision on lockdown extension to be taken same day.

Decision on Lockdown Extension- It was and still been assumed that Indian Government to extend the lockdown across India further after 14 April, but the Central Government clearly refused that no exceed the day of the Lockdown in the whole country. Where on the one side it is becoming the solution of spreading the Coronavirus, on the other hand, it is becoming the problem of the poor people. Few of the leaders were talking on Social Media that the date of the Lockdown can be increased. But Recently Prime Minister said clearly there is no such kind of plan.

PM Review Meeting Highlights- April 11

  • Maharashtra CM suggested to extend Lockdown till April 30
  • Delhi Chief Minister asked to extend Lockdown nationwide
  • Prime Minister has hinted to declare country wise situation in three zones Red, Yellow and Green. After discussing situation with Chief Ministers, PM after taking all measures likely to address the nation on 12 or 13th April 2020.

Some reports and studies on other hand are reporting that Government should increase the nationwide lockdown further. In the sam row a study suggested that Lockdown can be extended further till April 30, another suggested that Lockdown should be extended to total 60 days. Now it's confirmed that Indian Government can not lift Lockdown in one go, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Video Conferencing meet with party leaders.

Will Lockdown extended in India?

Rajiv Guava (Cabinet Minister) has announced Lockdown is only for 21 days this is the true news and not to worry about it. He also said that he was shocked to see the report of increasing the day of the Lockdown. Reports are saying that Indian Government could increase lockdown for another 16 days, till end of April 30. A foreign University based study suggested for another 40 days lockdown in India. Whereas on hand Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India and have surpassed 4000 by April 5, on other hand Central Government is denying every fact to increase lockdown in India.

Another Lockdown in India?

It will be decided on April 11, when Prime Minister Modi will chair Video Conference meeting with all Chief Ministers of states. Likely after consulting all CMs and taking their viewpoints, decision on Lockdown Extension would be taken.

Reports also suggesting that Indian Government may out another lockdown after a gap of 5 days or something around. Study added that in that case 2nd Lockdown in India if adopted would be more longer, if cases of COVID19 really reduced to bottom. India currently is facing 21 days lockdown, which is ending on 14 April, a related study said if India opts for 5 days relaxation between next lockdown, it might happen that another lockdown in India would be of more than 30 days.

Some Governments and Experts have suggested to extend the Lockdown. Several state Governments have extended their support to Centre Government's decision whatever it takes after April 14. Key points of state Govts, Experts views.

Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana Governments have indicated that whatever Centre Government decides they will follow and implement, even they are ready in situation Lockdown gets extended. Several experts have also extended their views to extend Lockdown right from 14th April.

In another report it is said that Government should give relaxation in between another lockdown. Lockdown can be put in phases a study of Economic Times hinted.

will Lockdown extended in india

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Additional Chief Secretary of Home just said that 'we will not be in position to lift the lockdown even if a single Coronavirus case left in Uttar Pradesh, so it can take time.

will Lockdown extended

Views on Lockdown-

will lockdown extended in india

To see the report of the increasing the death of the people the government was discussing to increase the date the government can think to increase the date of the Lockdown. According to recent news, 1,024 patients are struggling against Novel Coronavirus. 

lockdown in india

Lockdown ends on 14 April

As Coronovirous is increasing rapidly spreading all over the world, after studies more about stopping the Coronavirus, finally India's Prime Minister took the decision to implement lockdown for 21 days. This should be followed each one strictly if any people don't follow may get the jail for 2 years. Social Distancing is the primary goal of Lockdown.

For those who have not money to survive for 21 days India. PM Modi has announced for them to distribute the food free, water-free, free marks, free sanitizer and essentials things. In Delhi, the name of the free world is the most famous as you can see that. Free water, free ration, free electricity, a free bus fare, etc.

will Lockdown Extend

PM Modi Video Message at 9AM

But don't worry there will not exceed any single day over 21 days of Lockdown. PM Modi ahead of its Video Message on Friday even added that there is need to ease Lockdown in a staggered way. PM Modi is set to deliver his Video Message on April 3, 9am. It was expected that PM could extend the Lockdown in Country, but there is no truth found in Video Message of PM Modi.

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