By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 12, 2020 11:07 IST
Why India needs extension in lockdown? Is this only option left

Why India need an extension in Lockdown?

PM Modi announced Lockdown for 21 days in India to understand the needs of Lockdown of that period of time. PM Modi thought that it would become under control till 14 April. But the cases of the coronavirus are increasing fastly if the date of the Lockdown will not be extended so India might be fallen into the 3rd stage or 4th stage, which will be the worse for India. Experts say that there is a need for extension in Lockdown in India.

On the basis of Experts, they suggest that the only Lockdown is a powerful medicine that helps in reducing to spread of the outbreak. Most of the countries of the world lie under Lockdown until the discovery of a vaccine to kill Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Which States need an extension in Lockdown?

State- Need an extension in Lockdown or likely to be extension Lockdown due to stop COVID-19 cases:

Punjab- Chief Minister (CM) Amarinder Singh already extended Lockdown in its state to see the necessity of extension in Lockdown, said to impose section 144 to those who will not follow the rules of the Lockdown. 

Telangana- CM K Chandrasekhar Rao gave a suggestion to PM Modi to extension in Lockdown to stop COVID-19 cases. CM K Chandrasekhar has frightened to see the matter of the COVID-19 cases, therefore they said PM Modi to increase the date of the Lockdown for the next two weeks more.

Odisha- CM Navin Patnik also has extended Lockdown till 30 April. The decision was taken to see the condition of the people and to stop the spreading of the coronavirus. He said that Odisha has a need extension in Lockdown.

Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan also are part of Coronavirus Zones, these states have to need an extension in Lockdown. Therefore, they have the same chance to extend the date of the Coronavirus.

why India needs extension in lockdown

Need extension in Lockdown because of it:

Some areas of India are completely sealed due to stop Social Distancing. Everything was fine, India was about to come in the comfort zone but due to India's largest hotspot in Nizamuddin Markaz, when it came in front of us, it has spread the coronavirus like fire in India.

Chandani Mahal: On the basis of experts who researcher case of the COVID-19, Chandani Mahal is the second largest hotspot of the coronavirus. To stop the coronavirus in another area, these are sealed and are in surveillance.

Due to these areas, India needs an extension of the Lockdown, the date of extension of the coronavirus have been increased till 30 May.

Does India need an extension in Lockdown Why?

The epicenter of the coronavirus (COVID-19) Wuhan, in China. It is a great example to prove that Lockdown is really effective. Because of the 76 Lockdown, they have in a comfort zone, but other countries who have ignored it they have come under the contaminant zone. Therefore, all the world has seen Wuhan decrease the rate of death by the coronavirus due to Lockdown.

PM Modi implemented Lockdown in India at the right time. But the cases of the patients are not under control therefore the date of the Lockdown is compulsory to extend.

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