Why Donald Trump attended the Howdy Modi A Landmark Event?

The chief reason behind the appearance of US President Donald Trump in the mega event ?Howdy Modi? organized by Indian-Americans in Houston, Texas on September, 22nd is not just a mere change in order. The Prime Minister Modi has become the only PM in world who co-shared an event with US President on same stage & this is a unique milestone for Indians. Answering the question why US President attended the rally like event where 50,000 plus Indians gathered, there are several major reasons which bring the United States? President on a stage. Both Prime Minister Modi & President Trump lead the two-great countries & great democracies in the World. Not only President Trump congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his landmark victory on stage but also assured the gatherings to support him in upcoming US Elections. Now as we are going in depth the analysis which came out that today President Trump needs Indian support especially Indian migrants who live in USA & Indian community too aspiring for support from US Administration for their rights.Though US Economy in recent years has grown faster in comparison to other economies and in this Indian-American community which in large numbers reside in US has played a chief role. To get assurance from this 50,000 plus gathering Trump honestly played Modi card. Indian Prime Minister Modi who has come out a great reformist & great leader in current decade by uplifting hundreds of millions of Indians out of poverty co-chaired stage with US President & this gave a signal to world community that he cares all US citizens.

President Trump who is facing several charges including of racial discrimination was looking on backfoot and attending an event with Prime Minister Modi in immigrants? gathering may uplift his stature. President is trying everything before US elections to get assurance from all communities & also trying to improve his image .


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 22, 2019

Beginning from Howdy Modi event, Prime Minister has a weeklong schedule with US Administration on several issues including Defense, Trade, Technology transfer, Visa norms, Energy sector & several other.

& How Howdy Modi Event is so Special

The event organized by Indian-Americans in Houston has got a worldly attention & It was first of its kind of event organized in USA where 50,000 plus people gathered and leaded by two different leaders of largest and oldest democracies.

Indian Prime Minister also gets the support from Indians living in foreign countries on his decisions taken in India and also President Trump received the warmth from immigrants before his elections.