INDIA Cases - 174,020, Deaths - 4,981

Global Cases - 6,048,844, Deaths - 367,227

What PM would say in his Address to the Nation - See Latest
14 Apr 2020, 10:12 am By Neha Sinha
What PM would say in his Address to the Nation

As PM Modi is about to address the nation today at 10 AM, the question is what Prime Minister would say in his address. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will say in his address to the nation. He will talk about the nationwide Lockdown. Whereas some states Punjab, Odisha, Telangana, and Maharashtra have already agreed to extend Lockdown in their states till 30 April. As the countries have already gone to be done his 21 days Lockdown. As the condition of India, after 21 days, PM Modi will say on it.

After a meeting between PM Modi and other states Chief Minister, they have taken a big decision to stay at home for more two weeks that is till 30 April after observing the condition of the country.

PM would say in his Address to the Nation

Today whole country is facing the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak that has become the cause of so many deaths till now. Coronavirus is a viral disease that spread very rapidly, therefore, to keep it under control, PM Modi will give some tips to India at 10:00 pm.

Instead of the 21 days Lockdown, major states and state capitals such as Delhi, Mumbai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bhopal, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, which have seen high cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

PM Modi will address today at 10:00 am with whole Indians. PM Modi will tell about the other states, those have not taken the decision to extend Lockdown till now.

PM Modi addressing the nation

Here are the 3 Possible scenarios that can be addressed by the PM Modi:

1). Complete Lockdown:

Like many states those have extended the Lockdown till 30 April, the Prime Minister may decide to extend the Lockdown for 30 April like other states. It will be the same as we have faced in 21 days. This means the economic condition of the country will be the same. And it can raise the problem for poor people. But this is only the possible case that may happen or not.

2). Phased Lifting

It has the most chances to happen, according to the research, PM Modi may say to Phased Lifting. It means Agricultural activities may be allowed to resume, and harvests and procurement of produce will take place, there will not be any kind of restriction to carry on it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that to Lock-in for factories with workers staying onsite and following social distancing. Cargo Movement for all kinds of essential goods will be allowed across the country because they are finishing.

3). Colour Finishing:

PM Modi also have talked about the color finishing one time. All the regions will be divided into three colors those are Red, Green, Orange. Those areas which are the hotspot of the coronavirus those are declared as a red color zone and the date of the Lockdown will be extended here. Orange color zone areas, which areas declared as an Orange color zone those have also been in Lockdown but not strictly. Green Colour Zones, those areas which are in Green Colour Zones, there will be normal and economy work can be started there.

But these three possibilities are the chances of occurrence, It will be cleared when Prime Minister will say in his address to the nation.

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