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Virus curve not flattening in India during Lockdown as in Spain and Italy

It has been around 1.5 months of lockdown and in India, fresh coronavirus cases are still rising with little sign of slowing momentum. India reported 1,909 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday. For Wednesday, the country saw an additional 1,702 cases. The Indian government is conducting screening and testing around the country and is quarantining the suspects.

Curve not Flattening

The Lockdown in India was started in amid march 2020 and has been extended twice, one till 15 April and second till 3 May, 2020. The lockdown, introduced to flatten the curve of covid-19 cases and break the chain hasn’t really worked for India the way it was supposed to, if we look to the reporting cases.

India reported 1,909 new coronavirus cases on this Tuesday, which was the second-highest jump since it began reporting infections at the end of January. For Wednesday, the country saw addition of 1,702 cases. According to the data compiled by the Bloomberg, countries like Spain and Italy, who had the worst of this virus saw the impact of lockdown much faster. The cases in these countries started to slow down after their 13th day of confinement.

India trending the wrong way

It’s has been widely accepted that India’s moves slowed the spread of the infection, with approximately 33,000 confirmed cases, India still has far fewer number than both those European countries, also the number of new cases its finding each day is still lower than the daily growth rates in these nations but, the progress is still could be a concern as there is no results of curve flattening as the daily cases are still getting higher.

India is testing and screening but, the number is much smaller portion of its population than the other two countries. Even though India is now conducting about 50,000 coronavirus tests a day, not far behind Italy’s daily number, but those efforts only amount to about 0.5 tests for every thousand people in its massive population, according to ‘Our World in Data’. Italy, in comparison, has conducted about 30 tests for every thousand people.

According to Vivekanand Jha, executive director of the George Institute of Global Health, India, ‘the reason India’s new daily case count isn’t declining may be because the scarcity of test kits means a lot of suspected cases identified and put in isolation by health authorities just haven’t been confirmed or worse, the virus could be spreading untracked in the community and the real number of cases is actually growing much faster than the official numbers show’.

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A University of Singapore in its research has claimed that the deadly coronavirus in India will come to an end on 21 May. This claim has been made on the basis of mathematical calculations. The total number of Covid-19 cases in the country mounted to 33,000 and reached 33050 on Thursday morning, with death toll witnessing a jump to 1074. There are 23651 active cases reported in the country and 8324 cases have been recovered.