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Vijay Mallya Tweeted on Lockdown in Country, asked to return all money - See Latest
Vijay Mallya Tweeted on Lockdown in Country, asked to return all money

Vijay Mallya recently tweeted that he had made repeated offers for paying 100% of the amount borrowed by KFA to the Banks. He also tweeted that 'Neither are Bankswilling to make money and neither is the ED willing to release their attachment which they did at the behest of the Banks'. Vijay Mallya said to stay safe and keep maintain social distancing which can effectively be achieved only if you sit at home, stay at home. Vijay Mallya also said that staying home and enjoying home time with family and pets.

Prime Minister recommend to all the people to stay at home not to go out, as it is the only an option of spreading the coronavirus

Vijay Mallya asks Finance Minister:

Vijay Mallya asks Finance Minister (currently Nirmala Sithraman) to understand his repeated 'offer to repay 100%'. Which was borrowed by now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines, in this time of Coronavirus epidemic?

vijay mallya

Vijay Mallya thoughts towards Novel Coronavirus:

Vijay Mallya tweeted that it is important to stay at home, sit at home, don't go outside the need to work from home. If you go out may because of spreading the Coronavirus. He also said that the Indian Government has done what was unthinkable in Lockdown the entire country. Vijay Mallya said that 'I respect it'. All the manufacturing companies closed due to Lockdown.

Vijay Mallya was alleged fraud:

In India, Vijay Mallya was alleged not only as a fraud of money expected amount of Rs. 9,000 crore, but also said all his companies have effectively ceased operations and manufacturing following in India during Lockdown.

Vijay Mallya was a chairman of the erstwhile United Breweries (UB) Group of the information technology most of the people comment to him as he is a fraud.

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