UPA involved in Mumbai 26/11 Attack- Inquiry Can Prove, says BJP MP

26/11 Mumbai Terror attack was a UPA & Pakistan Army Joint venture to set back Hindutva said Subramanian Swamy. BJP MP also said that the inquiry can be set up based on Prima-facie solid information. BJP MP also wrote in his Tweet that- 'now based on reports received at first sight (prima facie, a commission can be set to check that in Mumbai on 26/11 attack was done by UPA and Pakistan Army to low down Hindutva'.

Yes on his personal and official Twitter handle BJP MP Subramanian Swamy tweeted that UPA Govt had involvement in that futile attack on 26/11 alongside of Pakistan Army. Senior BJP MP has been very vocal against the UPA party and party leaders before this. Recently he has spoken over Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi the top leaders of Congress over Citizenship Amendment Act.

UPA involved in Mumbai 26/11 Attack- Says Swamy

Citing the previous reports it is said that a former officer posted in the Home Ministry during Mumbai Attack, also claimed that the entire investigation was done to protect something from India or Indian involvement. RVS Mani the officer was posted in Internal Security Department at the time of Mumbai Attack. He has also written a book citing the investigation and other details on Mumbai attack.

UPA involved in mumbai attack

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Whereas on other hand recently Prime Minister also accused Congress on coining Hindu Terrorism term in rallies in Jharkhand State.

Assembly General elections of National Capital Delhi are near and both ruling and opposition parties have been remained in highlights specially over the CAA Act recently passed by Indian Parliament and turmoil after that. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy on Friday made the fresh attack on UPA citing Mumbai 26/11 Attack and UPA’s involvement at his official twitter handle.

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