14 May 2020, 04:29 pm By Rohit Sindhu
Twenty Lakh Crores Package Part 2- FM Conf on Farmers, Migrant Workers & Vendors

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman elaborates on Twenty Lakh Crores package part 2 on Thursday. Finance Minister said by beginning that Today's initiatives focuses on migrant workers, street vendors, small traders, the self-employed & small farmers.

Finance Minister recalling recent finances made by Central Governments for Farmers, Migrant Workers, Self Employed People, Street Vendors moved ahead. In part two of 20L Crores Package announcements are going to be made as- Three related to Migrant Workers, One for Sishu Loan, One for Street Vendors, two related to farmers, said Finance Minister. She also added that if something left here in Conference doesn't mean we ignored, can come later.

Twenty Lakh Crores Package Part-2 Highlights

Interest subvention and prompt repayment incentive on crop loans due from 1st March has been extended to 31st May.

Govt has permitted state govts to utilise SDRF for setting up shelter for migrants & providing them food & water etc. We are conscious, we are attending to the migrants and giving them in various different ways.

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twenty lakh crores package part 2

We have already generated 14.62 crore person-days of work till 13th May, which is 40-50% more persons enrolled as compared to last May. Migrant workers going back to their states being actively enrolled.