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Trump Visits India Live Updates Day 2- After Grand welcome in Motera, Ceremonial Welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan

US President Donald Trump attended the grand 'Namaste Trump' event in Ahmedabad yesterday and on Tuesday receieved ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan in Morning. President Trump arrived yesterday in Ahmdabad on his 2 days visit and during his visit on Day 2 US President along with First Lady Melania Trump and with a high-level delegation received ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present there. Yester US President with PM Modi hold a roadshow and participated in 'Namaste Trump' event at Motera Stadium .

Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad being one of the World’s biggest Cricket Stadium, mesmerised US President and PM Modi speech on 24th Feb in presence of more than one lac gathering. US President Donald Trump took part in 'Namaste Trump' event held yesterday with PM Modi. The event was similar to ‘Howdy Modi’ event Prime Minister participated in US last year.

Here are Trump's India visit Day 1 & Day 2 Proceedings choronologically.

US President Landed in Ahmedabad- At 11:36 am US President's Air Force 1 Landed at Ahmeadabad Air Force station

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Trump visits India- Namaste Trump

President Trump is arriving in India we courage is on top among Indians and US citizens living in India, said official concerned. President Trump along with a high-level delegation is coming today in around noon and we are excited, added official concerned. Students of Sola Bhagwat School stand near Sabaramti Ashram in Ahmedabad, with the national flags of India and the US, to welcome US President Donald Trump, the First Lady Melania Trump and other dignitaries who will visit the Ashram today.

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PM Modi will hold a roadshow along with him and participate in the event at the stadium.  As per recent updates Security has been tightened outside Motera stadium in Ahmedabad ahead of US President Donald Trump's visit today.

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Trump visits India Live Updates

Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, where US President Donald Trump's 'Namaste Trump' will be held today. India awaits your arrival US President Donald Trump. Your visit is definitely going to further strengthen the friendship between our nations. See you very soon in Ahmedabad tweeted PM Modi. Horse-riding Police personnel conducted patrolling outside Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad in Monday Morning. US President Donald Trump's 'Namaste Trump' event will be held at the stadium today.

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Latest Proceedings:

A total of 16 spots for drinking water have been set up outside Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad. Every spot has at least 3 staff of Amdavad Municipal Corporation to make drinking water arrangements for the people coming for 'Namaste Trump' event at the stadium.

Latest News- 24 Feb, 12:12 PM Road Show is on- Convoy of US President and PM Modi is heading for Sabarmati Aashram

Trump in Gandhi Aashram-

trump at Gandhi Aashram

Watch Trump Modi Events Day 2 Live Updates-

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