INDIA Cases - 174,355, Deaths - 4,982

Global Cases - 6,055,785, Deaths - 367,299

Trump requested Modi to release Indian medicine to fight Coronavirus, said he’ll take too - See Latest
Trump requested Modi to release Indian medicine to fight Coronavirus, said he’ll take too

In his White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing US President Donald Trump said that he has requested Indian Prime Minister Modi to release Indian medicine Hydroxychloroquine during his telephone conversation. President Trump also asked PM Modi to lift the hold imposed by Indian Government over export of Hydroxychloroquine an anti malarial drug, for US order. Donald Trump in addition to the request of medicine also added that 'he may take it too, will have to talk to my doctor'.

On Saturday Indian Prime Minister and US President held an extensive telephone conversation for together and strong fight against Covid19. Both the leaders discussed several issues over telephone and extensively held over Covid19.  
Trump requested Modi to release Indian medicine.

Trump requested Modi to release Indian medicine

In his briefing US President said, he has requested PM Modi to supply Hydroxychloroquine tablets that can be used to treat Covid19 patients. Conveying the conversation with PM Modi, President Trump said 'after call today with PM Modi, India is giving serious consideration to releasing the hold it out on Hydroxychloroquine' Trump announced at White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing. Trump also not shy away from saying he will take a tablet of Hydroxychloroquine.

US President said India makes a lot of It (Hydroxychloroquine), they need a lot of it too for Billions of people. President Trump also said in Task Force briefing that Hydroxychloroquine is an anti malarial drug and will be released through Strategic National Stockpile for Treatment. In US more than 3 lakh people have been found positive of Coronavirus and more than 7000 casualties have been occurred. In India on other hand condition is not at that stage as numbers only increased to 3000.

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Earlier to President Trump's White House task force briefing, PM Modi has laid down the specifics of extensive telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump over fight against Coronavirus. India has put ban on export of Hydroxychloroquine earlier in March, after ICMR's decision on anti malarial drug which is being tested for Coronavirus.

The Hydroxychloroquine drug has been recommended by Indian Council of Medical Research for health workers and Doctors who are treating Coronavirus patients.