INDIA Cases - 174,020, Deaths - 4,981

Global Cases - 6,045,653, Deaths - 367,116

Top ten Coronavirus hotspots in India, new cities joins the list - See Latest
Top ten Coronavirus hotspots in India, new cities joins the list

There are many hotspots of the coronavirus in India. The list of the Coronavirus hotspot increasing rapidly. But Out of those hotspots, we have selected some biggest coronavirus epicenter of the COVID-19.

Top ten Hotpots of Coronavirus in India

1) Nizamuddin Dargah Area: 

Nizamuddin Dargah Area is the biggest hotspot of Coronavirus COVID-19 in India. It is located in South Delhi and famous for preaching Islamic religion in the Nizamuddin West. As the Wuhan is the epicenter of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the world likewise Nizamuddin Dargah Area is also the epicenter of the coronavirus in India. Most of the people have been gathered in therefrom different-different areas. After investigating by the police, they have run away various states of India and they have spread the coronavirus all around. All those who have taken part in Nizamuddin Dargah Area are infecting with coronavirus. They have infected others also.

2) Chandani Mahal: 

Chandani Mahal is the second largest Coronavirus COVID-19 in India. Chandani Mahal is the subpart of the Chandani Chowk. Out of 102 people, 52 people tested in Chandani Mahal and those have been found infected with the coronavirus COVID-19. All those people who have tested and found the coronavirus positive are related to Nizamuddin Markaz. As per the report, all 52 people had attended the Nizamuddin Markaz before testing.

3) Dilshad Garden:

Dilshad Garden is located in Delhi. It is also announced by the containment zones because of a family who recently had come from the Saudi Araba and come to contact with the 7-8 people. They all have become the victims of the Coronavirus COVID-19 due to come with contact with those families. But it easily comes under control by the CM of Delhi due to the operation named SHIELD. Therefore Dilshad Garden is under the surveillance of the 123 Medical teams that are testing the coronavirus COVID-19. After observing CCTV potages of that family in Dilshad Garden come under the contact of 81 people. This is also a Coronavirus Hotspot but due to the under 123 Medical team, it has under control.trol. 

top ten Hotpots of Coronavirus in India

4) Bhilwara

Bhilwara is located in Rajasthan. It is another Coronavirus COVID-19 hotspot in Rajasthan. Here, not the people are infecting with COVID-19 but also the doctor also infected with the coronavirus. A hospital has become the epicenter of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Bhilwara in Rajasthan. The borders of the city were sealed immediately due to the stop of the viral disease. More than 5,000 people have been consulted by the coronavirus positive. Bhilwara has become te another hotspot of the coronavirus.

5) Mumbai:

Mumbai has become another hotspot of the Coronavirus COVID-19. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Mumbai person to person in Mumbai. Recently 6 people have been found in Mumbai coronavirus positive. Indian Hotels Company (IHC), which runs the Taj hotel, it is found that some employees in the Taj Hotel found coronavirus positive. Apart from Taj Hotels, several other areas in Mumbai found the coronavirus positive. It has become the big hotspot of the coronavirus.

6) Pune:

After Mumbai, Pune comes as another massive coronavirus hotspots. It is also contributing masks compulsory for the public. Estimated cases of the coronavirus in Pune nearby the 200 members. To see the number of coronaviruses, the number of masks is preventing the spread of the virus. Pune divisional commissioner Deepak Mhaisekar has taken a great decision to shut down the wholesale market at Gultekdi from Friday to reduce the affection of the coronavirus. Some area is sealed here dut to the hotspot of the coronavirus.

7) Ahemdabad:

Ahemdabad in Guhrat is another Coronavirus hotspot. A massive number of the coronavirus is increasing in Gujrat to 468 on Saturday, where the 90 new people have been found. On the basis of the report, 3 people have died here coronavirus positive. The state government reported that since Friday evening. 2,045 people have been tested, taking a total number of tests conducted to 9,763 people.

8) Kasaragod:

Kasaragod is also a big hotspot of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Kerala. It has become the massive coronavirus containment zones. It is recorded in Kasaragod out of 176 coronaviruses + people 12 have recovered. Out of 38 total infected people, 34 are from the Kasaragod, 2 people from Kannur, 1 people from Thrissur, and one people from Calicut. 

9) Pathanamthitta:

District Collector P B Nooh of Pathanamthitta said that those people who are not showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, they have also Coronavirus symptoms. This has shocked most of the people because an old managed 45 years old was not showing any symptoms of coronavirus has died.

10) Noida:

Noida also declared as a coronavirus COVID-19 hotspot. Many sectors have been sealed in Noida. The government has closed the school in Nodia due to fear of the coronavirus. As a report a child and his father have been infected with the coronavirus. It is found that before testing the child had organized his birthday party with many other children.

These are 10 hotspots and their trends in no of increasing cases.

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