Three College Girls Found Pregnant in Govt College Hyderabad: CDPO Report

Kumarambheem Asifabad District Govt College’s three Girls were found pregnant after sexually assaulted by a man near to College. Girls are studying in 1st Year and Second year in Govt Degree College in Hyderabad. According to District Child Protection Officer (CDPO) a general health check-up was made on 21st December on 10 students. Based on checkup report three of them have been found pregnant- the report said.  On Saturday Child Rights Authority alerted the authorities on students’ plight.

Coming under the preliminary inquiry, girls revealed that a person lived close to their houses, had sexually assaulted them. The checkup report further confirmed their allegation as per TOI report. All three victims are from Govt Degree College in Hyderabad (Telangana).

Three Girls Found Pregnant in Hyderabad Govt College

The matter of assault on College Girls came into highlight on Saturday when report submitted by District Child Protection Officer (CDPO) to College Authorities. Among the three girl students two girls are pursuing B.Sc First year and the third victim girl is pursuing second year. The identity of victims and accused not revealed by authorities. A Police complained is also yet to be filed by the Local Police. On one hand Child Rights Activist is demanding high level probe and inquiry into the matter.

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Victims’ Identity not revealed-

Victims’ identities have not been revealed to protect their privacy as per Supreme Court Directives on cases related to assault.

Based on TOI report- Source and other authorities reserve the privacy issues related to news.