The ongoing violence on citizenship law in Delhi, Donald Trump said - 'I hope India will take the right decision'

Talking to reporters, the US President also answered the question asked on the citizenship law and the ongoing protests in Delhi. US President Donald Trump is in India on a two-day visit. Donald Trump's US tour started from Ahmedabad on Monday. After this he went to Agra and gave sight of Taj Mahal. Several important agreements were also signed between the two countries in Delhi today. After this, while talking to journalists, the US President also responded to the questions asked on the citizenship law and the ongoing protests in Delhi. The American President said that I have heard about the Delhi violence . Trump said that I would not like to make any statement on CAA because it is India's decision and I hope that India can take appropriate steps for itself and it will take the right decision.

PM Modi is very Strong and tough Person-Trump

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a very religious person. He is a quiet but very strong man in the fight against terrorism, US President Trump said in Q&A. On being asked on Pakistan and terrorism Trump said India and Pakistan are working on their problems. My relationship with the Prime Ministers of the two countries is strong. I can only act as an intermediary between the two countries. Bilateral issues are a matter between the two countries.

Trump also said that India's future is very bright. You can hardly think of a country whose future is better. Especially with the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  1. India now likes us more than before. And this is due to my close friendship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  2. PM Modi has told me (in front of a group of people) that he wants religious freedom of the people and 'he has worked very hard on this.

US President Donald Trump reiterated mediation on Kashmir

US President Donald Trump has once again reiterated the point of mediation on Kashmir. During a press conference in Delhi, Donald Trump said that if I can do anything about mediation on Kashmir, I will, but if both countries want to. In response to a question on terrorism from Pakistan's land, Donald Trump said that India and Pakistan are working on solving their problem.

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