The Central Blog Company: Know How 2 Siblings Make Insta-Blogging Page A Renowned in Industry

Our page 'The Central Blog Company' is a Food, Travel, and Lifestyle Blogging handle on Instagram with over 60,000 followers and millions of views, says Arjav Kasliwal founder of The Central Blog Company.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Sep 28, 2021 16:13 IST
The Central Blog Company: Know How 2 Siblings Make Insta-Blogging Page A Renowned in Industry
The Central Blog Company- A food Blogging Insta Page

Sharing the success story of 'The Central Blog Company' an Instagram page, Arjav Kasliwal the founder said that he and his sister who come from Madhya Pradesh started the page after getting inspired by the warmth they received on their first craft video.

Arjav Kasliwal: We are creative types of people from starting. We remember 5 years ago, we had made a DIY card for our cousin and we just randomly uploaded the 60 seconds video of that card on our YouTube Channel. It had 0 subscribers. At that time, we didn't use YouTube much. A few months later, we (Arjav Kasliwal and Nehal Kasliwal) check our YouTube and what we saw! Over 100k+ views on that video. We were really shocked! It was a big surprise for us. And, That's how our journey started. We started uploading craft videos on our YouTube and also started an Instagram page named "The Central Craft Company" as youth are active on Instagram. We made crafts and DIY on that page, says Arjav Kasliwal.

So the question is how we switched from this business to blogging. it’s a different story, One day someone texted us on Instagram that will you promote our business on your page as we have many followers and they could be their potential customers. So, I thought that yes why not we help others by promoting their business on our page.

I was just scrolling through Instagram and saw a page. It was a blogging page. It was really very different work than what we are doing before. We explored blogging.

We were really impressed by this job! And we really enjoyed the content they have. We made our strategy for few days that what and how are we going to get into this field as a successful blogger.  

After doing some R&D we reached the conclusion that this will really be a good thing to start and this will help in our future also.
As this will really develop many skills too like marketing and communication skills. Also, blogging is one of the richest fields. You can make this your primary career too. 

So back to our story, After developing interest we changed our Instagram handle name from "The Central Craft Company" to "The Central Blog Company". We customized our logo so we can use this as our brand.

Basically, We are from Indore so we started doing Food Blogging first as Indore is the food hub of Madhya Pradesh. There are all foodies in Indore. It is known as the commercial capital of central India. It has also been declared the cleanest city of India. But what makes it truly amazing and a great travel destination is its rich food culture. 

Considering the variety of food available here, calling it the street food capital of India is perhaps more apt. Indore is famous for its street food hubs like Chhappan Dukan and Sarafa Bazar that serve up everything from local specialties like Bhutte ka kees, Poha, Jalebi, Malpua, Garadu to North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines.

While Chappan Dukan is a street that is packed with food stalls on both sides, Sarafa Bazar is India’s only food street that is open till two in the morning. Foodie heaven has an address, and you can find it in Indore.

We started visiting cafes and restaurants and specially Chappan dukan’s. We taste the food and promote them on our Instagram page and write reviews and all the details in the caption. It was tough for us in starting because there are many other bloggers too who are really famous before us. 

Food Blogging was going great and we were getting many followers on our page. We then started to enter in Travel and Lifestyle Blogging also because we don't want to make our page for only particular blogging.

We collaborated with many big brands like Jawed Habib, Miniso, Starbucks, etc. We haven’t started travel blogging properly as when this idea had come to our mind Covid comes and lockdown happened. But we will soon enter in this blogging also. I have never thought that we will reach this much height in this field and I'm so thankful to all of you. 

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