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Telangana to pay Full Salary and Incentives to these workers, List of Departmenta - See Latest
Telangana to pay Full Salary and Incentives to these workers, List of Departmenta

Hyderabad: Those employees who worked in the police and health department in Telangana will not only get the salary but also they will get the incentive in the form of cash in recognition. They are eligible to get the recognition with salary as they have fought against the Coronavirus in this very critical situation.

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said in a high-level meeting on Wednesday to distribute recognition with the salary to employees who are worked in the medical and Health Department, Police station.

Telangana state full salary incentive to workers

The Cheif Minister will announce to distribute Cash incentives to the employees in a day or two. Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao took a high-level meeting and said about it.

The government has already said to cut the salary for all its employees in the wake of the crisis triggered by the spread of Coronavirus and resultant Lockdown. The cut has been imposed according to grade and service cadres.

As the government has said to cut the highest salary which is 75 percent of the following employees Chief Minister, State cabinet, MLCs, MLAs, State Corporation Chairpersons and Representations of Local Bodies representative.

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Telangana to pay Full Salary and Incentives to these workers

60% salary will be cut of these employees; IAS, IPS, IFS, as the government has announced about these employees and other categories of employees will see their salaries cut by 50%.

Those employees who come under class IV their salary will be cut by 10%.

Salary will be cut off the employees in the government sector because the Indian economy graph is showing the stagnation or recession that will cause the loss, the result of the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is lack of the money, therefore, the government has decided to this criteria.