14 May 2020, 11:35 am By Neha Sinha
Supreme Court's Dress Code Changed due to Coronavirus, New Guidelines issued

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing changes in the habit even in the Supreme Court. Supreme Court's Dress Code Changed due to Coronavirus, New Guidelines issued. On Wednesday, a new chapter was added to the history of the Supreme Court, when for the first time the judges heard without wearing jackets, coats, and gowns. Chief Justice SA Bobde said that Corona will issue a new dress code order till the crisis persists. Supreme Court's Dress Code Changed Late evening a new dress card was issued for the lawyers and judges.

Supreme Court Dress Code Changed 

Supreme Court in a circular dated May 13 COVID19- Advocates may wear 'plain white-shirt/white-salwar-kameez/ white saree, with a plain-white neckband' during hearings before the Supreme Court through Virtual Court System till medical exigencies exist or until further orders above directions shall come into force with immediate effect: Supreme Court of India.

A circular issued by the Supreme court said advocates 'may wear ‘plain white-shirt/white-salwar-kameez/ white-saree with a plain-white neckband’ during the hearings' before the SC through Virtual Court System 'till medical exigencies exist or under further orders'. This was being done 'considering the medical advice'.

 New Guidelines issued for Supreme Court's Dress Code

To this, the Chief Justice said that he had sought the opinion of doctors regarding the prevention of corona infection. According to him, the virus is easily spread by heavy and diffuse clothing. Considering this, we are hearing only by wearing a white shirt and band. We are also considering this for lawyers. Earlier in the day, the Chief Justice of India, S A Bobde and Justices Indu Malhotra and Hrishikesh Roy, held the virtual court without wearing the black coat or black robe. They did, however, have their white neckband on.

While listening to an issue, the CJI informed lead defender Kapil Sibal that the jacket and robe had been released, as experts had advised that such clothing might not comply with the containment protocol. The CJI said that even lawyers should desist from using them for now, adding that instructions in this regard will be issued soon.

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