02 Apr 2020, 06:45 am By Rohit Sindhu
Should have taken Kartarpur in exchange of 90 Thousand Pakistani Soliders said PM Modi in NCC Rally

Addressing the NCC Rally in New Delhi’s Cariappa Parade Ground PM Modi made harsh attack on Congress Party saying India should have taken Kartarpur in Indian side in exchange of 90 thousand Pakistani soldiers who surrendered in 1971. Attacking opposition parties on NRC & CAA and their indulgence in protests across country, PM also highlighted that CAA is to give citizenship to minorities from 3 Muslim majority countries. Speaking at Rally in Cariappa Ground in Delhi PM stressed on Indo-Pak relations, latest developments after Article 370 and CAA & NRC.

Alleging Congress led governments in past, PM also stressed that Congress party kept Jammu & Kashmir in turmoil and violence. From temporarily Article 370 to rejection of upgradation of military equipment PM said Congress did that just for its votebank. In north east also past governments left them to live on their dark fate, but we couldn’t let them do. We have brought accord with north-east’s Bodo group a milestone and historic this accord has been made.

Kartarpur in Exchange of Pakistani Soldiers

Addressing the National Cadet Corps (NCC) rally in Delhi PM Modi said when India made 90 thousand Pakistani Soldiers surrender ‘why Govt couldn’t bring Kartarpur Corridor into India, they could do it’. Speaking on India-Pakistan relations Prime Minister also said, India is working strongly to throw away the separatism and terrorism from its soil. Our Neighbor country has lost 3 wars against us. Pakistan couldn’t face India for more than 7-10 days. Pakistan is doing proxy war against India and he will not succeed in this. India can defeat neighbor Pakistan within a week and that can’t stand in front of us for more than a week.

should have taken kartarpur in exchange of pakistani soldiers

After 70 years’ long time period the temporary Article 370 was scrapped and this is done by our Government, said PM. Our government fulfilled demands of Ex-Serviceman on OROP and also we built National War Memorial and Police memorial. Past governments ignored our soldiers for decades on their demands, PM said. We fulfilled CDS fulfillment recently and this is a bold step other governments couldn’t take.

The root of today’s all contentions is only Congress and ruling the past government made for decades. Attacking Opposition parties PM Modi said ruling parties made India backward and we are reviving the country by fulfilling demands of common people.