02 Apr 2020, 11:36 am By Monika
Shaheen Bagh Protest re-erupts, jamiya Noida road closed

The blocked roads effect more than 1000 vehicles a day. The route linking Noida to Faridabad via kalindi kunj  was re – erupts by Shaheen Bagh protesters . the protest against NRC and CAA by local women of Shaheen Bagh started in December Mid .In which they started to block the road and protest . Protesters were told to clear the Noida road . Protesters re-opened the road for 40mints but now the roads are again blocked.

Statement of DCP of South East

DCP of south east had said that ‘A little earlier today,roadNo.9 was reopened by a group of protesters, but later it was closed by another protesters have reopened a small stretch , however still there’s no clarity if all protesters have consent on this’. Sadhana Ramachandran one of the court – appointed mediators arrives at Shaheen Bagh to resume talks about the blockage of the Noida Faridabad road . Shaheen Bagh  protesters reopened the roadno.9 ,jamiya kalinda kunj via Noida road. Protesters opened the road No. 9 after talking to the appointed of supreme court . protesters block the road due to the CAA or NRC Act protest . According to source there is no benefit of re – opened of the road No.9 because of blockage of Mahamaya flyover , the Road was closed by UP Police and Delhi Police ,

Protesters of Shaheen Bagh re-opened the Road No.9

Let you know that its being to month of Protest against NRC or CAA Act. Protesters closed the Roads ,due to which thousands of people facing problem in their daily life . After a long this Matter reaches to the Supreme Court , Supreme Court said they may continue their Protest but in another palace .After which supreme court  select two mediators ,who has talked to protester and solve the matter of road blockage. Sadhana Ramchandra and Sanjay Hegde have long conversation of 4 days with protesters. After that the Shaheen Bagh protesters re -opened the Road no9.

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