By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 14, 2020 11:55 IST
Seven requests PM Modi made to citizens on lockdown, View those from lockdown address

PM Modi said to support me in 7 things. India is in better condition than another country till now. Because India has taken the decision at the right time. Instead of Limited Resource, India has shown itself better than others during the coronavirus epidemic outbreak. To make it more useful and better as it now, the government has decided to extend the Lockdown till 3 May. All other states have already agreed with it.

During Lockdown PM Modi said to support me with 7 things

1) Take care of the Old People

Those old people who are at home and are suffering from the old disease must be kept special take care of at home. Because due to old their immune system is low and they are more likely to be infected with the coronavirus. Keep extra take care of him.

2) follow Lockdown and Social Distancing

PM Modi said to follow the Lockdown and Social Distancing completely on 3 May. As it is the only option to keep safe from the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic outbreak. Use face cover, and mask that is made at home compulsory.

3) Increase immunity

Prime minister said to increase the immunity system, follow the direction given by Ayush Mantralay. Also said PM to consume hot water, Kadha to save from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

7 requests PM Modi made to citizens

4)  download the Aarogya Sethu Mobile App

PM Modi said to use Aarogya Sethu Mobile App that will help you to save from the coronavirus and it will also help you to go from the coronavirus hotspots zone. Also, recommend others to download it and also you motivate others to download Aarogya Sethu Mobile App. It will Contribute to stop the corona infection.

5) Help poor people

During the Lockdown, most of the company has been shut down and it has been closed. The most important element to concentrate on poor people. PM Modi said to help the poor families by feeding them.

6) Don't fire anyone from the job

PM Modi said not to fire anyone who was already working in your industry or company. But you should need to show empathy toward them. Help them if possible.

7) Respect Corona Warrier

Corona warrior like Police, Docter, Nurse, and others who are currently facing the corona, we have to respect them. They are the pride of India. Respecting those people will motivate them to work on.

Prime Minister Modi said to support me in these 7 things. And After saying these 7 things to support, Modi finished his speech.

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