By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 21, 2020 15:06 IST
Lockdown 2.0- Services to start after 20 April, List of sectors & functioning activities

Based on Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines after 20 April several services and activities will resume in non-hotspots regions. Among functioning activities and services Home Ministry has given green single to agriculture, manufacturing, e-commerce, IT sector, Dhabas and Plumber-Operator kind of services in non-hotspot areas. On the same day MoHFW laid down the list of 170 districts under Hotspots and hotspot with clusters in country. After extension in 21 days lockdown naming Lockdown-2.0 government on Wednesday issued guidelines even stricter till 20 April and relieve to sectors including Agriculture, IT, Manufacturing, E-commerce and other services including operationalizing of Dhabas, MNREGA workers, daily wage workers and related ones.

According to Government guidelines after 20 April, Monday the services which are going to be resumed would be conditioned with following social distancing norms and other essential guidelines laid down by Ministry of Home Affairs.

Services to start after 20 April

As per MHA revised guidelines issued on Wednesday after Union Cabinet Meeting, several sectors are going to resume works after 20 April. The list of sectors and services which will resume after April 20, are issued in details by Home Ministry. Amid lockdown 2.0 which is extended version of 21 days lockdown, several essential services, sectors and functionaries are given relief. From Agricultural activities to operationalizing the IT Sector, from Plumber-Operator works to MNREGA workers, from Dhabas to e-commerce companies functions are allowed after 20 April, said MHA.

Services to resume after April 20-

Service to start after 20 April

Services to remain suspended-

services to start after 20 April

Agriculture-. All activities related to Agriculture will remain functional including Mandis, crop harvesting and others. Shops of Fertilizers, agricultural equipments, repairing and moulding machines to be exempted from lockdown. Machines required for the agricultural purpose can move one state to another.

E-commerce- Companies providing services of essential goods e.g Amazon, Flipkart and other relevant companies are given permission to work. Workforce require in carrier related activities are permitted to work.

Manufacturing sector- Health related productions and Raw material production manufacturing units are allowed to function. Industrial production under SEZ is permitted. MNREGA workers are allowed to worm wearing face covers/masks.

IT sector- All organizations/ Companies related to IT sector can function, but not more than 50% workforce is allowed. Need to maintain social distancing during work.

Dhabas- For Truck repair and services Dhabas will remain open at Highways. Distancing of Dhabas will be designed by States, Union Territories

Plumber & Operator- Electricians and other workers required in operations including Plumber and Operators are permitted to work.

India Post- Post offices to start working for delivery of services. Several e-commerce delivery services will also be dispatched by India Post.

Note- All these services will not be permitted in Hotpot areas, locations.

Services started in Haryana-

services to start after 20 April

services to start after 20 April

April 19- New guidelines for e-commerce companies-

Supply of non-essential goods by e-Commerce companies to remain prohibited during lockdown said Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

services to start after 20 april

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