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Scuffle between the Protestors protesting against the re-open of Liquor stores and the Police in Madurai

Scuffle broke out between protestors including CPI-M workers and Police in Madurai. They were protesting against Tamil Nadu government's decision to open liquor shops in the state amid of lockdown.

Scuffle between the Protestors and the Police

On Friday (8 May, 2020) a scuffle took place between the protestors and Police in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The protestors were protesting against the decision of government on the opening of the liquor shops. The protestors were on the roads and were defying the rules of lockdown. To maintain the government orders of social distancing and lockdown, the Tamil Nadu police tried to send the protestors back and stop the protest, this caused a scuffle between the police and the protestors as the protestors were not backing down. The protestors also included some CPI-M workers.

Order on re-opening of Liquor shops

Last Friday (1 May, 2020), the Ministry of Home Affairs released an order allowing the sale of non-essential items but with a few conditions from Monday (4 May, 2020) onwards. The ministry said that alcohol shops that fall under the Orange and Green zones will be allowed to open as long as they maintain social distancing norms and no more than six people allowed. People going to such stores/shops will have to maintain at least six feet distance from each other and ensure that not more than five persons are present at a shop at any given time. Spitting is already punishable in public places.

Different States/UTs including Maharashtra, UP, Telangana, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu decided to open the liquor shops on some conditions including the time people can buy the alcohol. However, even after the warning by the central and state government, the rule of social distancing was broken down creating high risk for the spread of covid-19.

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