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Global Cases - 6,567,404, Deaths - 387,913

SBI Employees to donate 2 days' salary in PM CARE Fund, Bank Chairman - See Latest
SBI Employees to donate 2 days' salary in PM CARE Fund, Bank Chairman

The Employees of the State Bank of India (SBI) donate 2 days' salary for PM CARES Fund, a total of the 1 crore from the estimated employ 2,56,000. The donation of the estimated amount's 0.25% of the Annual profit is contributing towards the Relief Fund against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Coronavirus is an epidemic spreading around the world. Almost all people are donating to fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

SBI Donation toward Novel Coronavirus

SBI stands for State Bank of India, it has more than 2 lakhs employees according to an estimation it is about 2,56,000. They all are pledged to donate 2 days' salary to (PM CARES Fund) for fighting against (COVID-19). Rajnish Kumar (Chairman of SBI) said that it is a matter of pride for all our employees voluntarily to pledged for  2 days salary (PM CARES Fund) against Novel Coronavirus. He also said that they are happy with the worker because they are helping to contribute to this situation.


Announcement for PM CARES Relief Fund

As on Saturday, Prime Minister announced to the establishment of the PM CARES Relief Fund for fighting against Novel Coronavirus all the funds will be utilized to stop spreading the COVID-19 in India. A big amount of the Donation to fight against Relief Fund donated by Individuals, Celebrities and Corporate Houses and others. State Bank of India (SBI) on March 23 had pledged that it would donate 0.25% of the Annual Profit in the establishment of a fund to fight. 

SBI Employees donate 2 days salary for PM CARES Fund; raise Rs 100 crore. Prime Minister in India has been implemented Lockdown for 21 days. State Bank of India (SBI) is the bank of who has the most branches in India.

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