31 Oct 2019, 11:53 am By Rohit Sindhu
Russia-India will Jointly Eliminate Terrorist Safe Heavens ! Will Work Across Borders

The Joint Working Group of Russia & India on Counter Terrorism, asserted that India and Russia will work together to eliminate safe heavens. On Wednesday Terrorisms. Group also highlighted that there are very requirements to counter Terrorism not only from South Asia but globally and India and Russia will work together, more closely to eliminate safe heavens. We are calling for credible, irreversible and verifiable actions against Terrorists and terror groups: the statement made by Group officials. 

Russia will Help India to Eliminate Terrorism 

The India-Russia joint Group stressed the need for elimination of all safe havens for terrorists and called for credible, irreversible and verifiable actions against terrorists and their groups. Russia pitched that it will help India and Indian interests to counter the Terrorism. The two sides exchanged views on threats posed by terrorist entities globally and in their respective regions as well as ongoing concerns over terrorism in the South Asia region. 

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“We stress the need for elimination, once and for all, of all ‘safe havens’ of terrorist. The Joint Group from both countries made the assertion in a joint statement issued in 11th meeting of the Joint Working Group. Group also underlined the urgent need for meaningful, credible, irreversible, verifiable and sustainable action against terrorists and terrorist groups,” the statement said. 

The group agreed that united efforts are needed to fight terrorism and terror financing at UN level, at BRICS, FATF and SCO levels. 

Will Eliminate Terrorists Together in All Forms

russia india to eliminate terrorist safe heavens

The Russian side highlighted that their efforts are clear and will be more stronger with India on world’s most pressing counterterrorism challenges including countering radicalisation and extremism, misuse of internet for terrorist purposes, movement of foreign fighters and combating financing of terrorism including drug-trafficking.

The two sides also deliberated upon measures to further strengthen and deepen counterterrorism cooperation through intensifying exchange of information, regular meetings at experts level, sharing of best practices and capacity-building efforts in all areas of mutual interest in accordance with the special and privileged strategic partnership that exists bilaterally, the statement said. 

The next meeting of the group is scheduled to be held in Russia next Year.

Source- IDRW