Republic Day 2021: Mahavir Chakra to be awarded to Colonel B Santosh Babu

It has been reported that Col. B Santosh Babu will posthumously get the wartime medal 'Maha Vir Chakra' for his bravery in Galwan on 15 June 2020. Five other Vir Chakras will also be awarded to the soldiers who were killed in action in Galwan Valley.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jan 25, 2021 14:49 IST
Republic Day 2021: Mahavir Chakra to be awarded to Colonel B Santosh Babu
Late. Col. Santosh Babu

It has been reported that on 72nd Republic Day Celebration Parade, Col Santosh Babu's family will receive 'Mahavir Chakra', the second-highest military decoration in India for showing exemplary courage while fighting PLA on 15 June 2020 in Galwan Valley. Colonel Was killed in action while successfully thwarting an intrusion attempt by PLA across the Indian side of LAC.

He is the first Indian Armed Forces commissioned officer since 1967 and among the first Indian soldiers to have been killed in action against the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) since 1975.

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Five other Vir Chakras (4 posthumously) will be awarded to those who gallantly fought the numerically-superior Chinese troops during the bloody skirmish in Galwan Valley on June 15.

Galwan Valley incident took place on 15th June 2020, when the soldiers of the PLA army intruded across the LAC, 20 soldiers of 16 Bihar Regiment including Colonel Babu were killed in action while fighting the PLA. As per the reports, PLA also suffered 35 casualities.

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