Reason Behind CDS Bipin Rawat Helicopter Crash: Possible Causes Of Mi-17 Accident

The entire nation is mourning the death of India's first CDS, General Bipin Rawat. Here we have tried to find out the possible causes of the Mi-17 helicopter crash. In order to find out the reason behind the CDS Bipin Rawat helicopter crash, read the article below.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Dec 09, 2021 10:37 IST
Reason Behind CDS Bipin Rawat Helicopter Crash: Possible Causes Of Mi-17 Accident
Bipin Rawat helicopter crash

On Wednesday, an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter carrying Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat crashed near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. The Mi-17V5 chopper took off from the Sulur IAF Station in Coimbatore with 14 people on board.

Among those aboard the chopper carrying CDS Rawat were his wife Madhulika Rawat, Brigadier LS Lidder, and Lt Col Harjinder Singh. The Chief of Defence Staff was on his way to Defence Staff College in Wellington, where he was to participate in an event alongside Chief of Army Staff Gen MM Naravane.

People are wondering about the possible causes of the Mi-17 helicopter crash. The reason behind the CDS Bipin Rawat helicopter crash still remains the most controversial topic in the country today.  We have listed some possible reasons behind the Bipin Rawat helicopter crash. 

5 Possible Reasons Behind CDS Bipin Rawat Helicopter Crash-

1. Mechanical Breakdown

Amitabh Ranjan, a former Mi-17H helicopter pilot revealed, "The helicopters aren't brand new. The pilots are the best trained and most professional individuals we can expect to fly such dignitaries. These are excellent and dependable helicopters that are also used for VIP airlift."

"At this point, blaming either the helicopter or the crew is speculative. There would be something technical for which a board of inquiry is formed and its findings are submitted " Ranjan elaborated.

Image Source- Airforce Technology
Image Source- Airforce Technology

2. Inclement Weather

According to preliminary reports, the crash of the IAF's Mi-17VH chopper was caused by bad weather. According to the news agency PTI, the crash may have been caused by low visibility due to foggy conditions.

Image Source- The Hindu
Image Source- The Hindu

"Weather has always been the primary culprit. Weather in these hills is, at best, nasty, and the weather in this sector is currently not very good, very clear. One of the factors could be the weather " Amitabh Ranjan, a former Mi-17V5 helicopter pilot, told a leading news channel. 

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2. Power Transmission Lines

While the helicopter carrying CDS Gen Bipin Rawat crashed in an area far from human habitation, it is possible that it became entangled in power lines.

4. The Altitude At Which The Chopper Began Its Descent

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has launched an investigation to determine the height at which the chopper began its descent before crashing in the hilly Nilgiris district's Katteri-Nanchappanchathram area.

Image Source- Indian defence review
Image Source- Indian defence review

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5. Sabotage

While we do not have a piece of substantial evidence in this matter, nor do we want to entertain the idea of conspiracy, it's still possible that some external or internal forces may have a hand in this. CDS Bipin Rawat was working towards some theatrisation reforms in the military which would have changed the entire structure of our armed forces, so there is a chance that those who were against this idea might have orchestrated this sinister plan  

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