By Raghvendra Shikhrani, Updated : Jun 12, 2020 17:38 IST
Rajya Sabha Election: BJP President Poonia calls CM Gehlot mentally unstable, said Gehlot has spoken baseless things

It seems the blame game between Congress and BJP is not going to end very soon.  Post the media brief my CM Ashok Gehlot and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot, BJP Rajasthan President Satish Poonia responded to the allegation by Congress party. Not only this, but Poonia also went on to call Gehlot mentally unstable.

While addressing the media, Poonia said "I have been observing him since last few days, he has been speaking as a man who has become mentally unstable and says whatever comes to his mind. His statements reflect despair."

Poonia further blamed CM Gehlot for the political drama going on in Rajasthan. "A political drama has been going on in Rajasthan for the past few days & it is being done by CM himself. The matter is the Rajya Sabha election. A man in a position of responsibility is speaking unnecessary things, he has spoken baseless things," said Poonia.

This afternoon, CM Ashok Gehlot and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot spoke to media and claimed that Congress is United and going to win two seats in the upcoming Rajya Sabha Elections. Gehlot also accused BJP of intentionally delaying elections. While addressing media he mentioned that Rajya Sabha elections could've been conducted two months back, but it was postponed for no reason because BJP's horse-trading was not complete. 

"Not a single vote of our MLAs will go to anyone else in Rajya Sabha elections & our two candidates will emerge victorious. Two CPI-M MLAs will support us in the election", said Gehlot. 

200 MLAs will vote for three Rajya Sabha seats on 19th June. Both the ruling party Congress and opposition BJP have filed nomination for two seats. Senior leader KC Venugopal and Neeraj Dangi are fighting from Congress, while Rajendra Gehlot and Onkar Singh Lakhawat are two candidates of BJP who will be contesting for Rajya Sabha seats.

Congress has the majority with 107 MLAs and 12 independent MLAs are also in support of Congress in Rajasthan. PCC Chief and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot has claimed clear victory on two seats.