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Rail Services to start after April 15, hinted Indian Railways - See Latest
Rail Services to start after April 15, hinted Indian Railways

Press Information Bureau Government Of India has explained in a statement that there is no confirmed date of Rail Services to start after April 15, but is hinted to start. Indian Railway will give a full refund on all the canceled tickets booked during Lockdown for any train journey between 21st March to 14 April 2020. There will not be any kind of charges and can be utilized those amount after Lockdown those have been used for booking tickets of the railway between 21st march to 14 Aprile. Those Passengers who had received only partial refund not full amount need to fill a form given by the Ministry of Railways & send it to the office to get the balance refund.

Rail Services to start after April 15

During Lockdown where all the people are at home due to fear of the coronavirus epidemic, other hands Indian Railways are playing a great role to transport 6.75 lakh wagons of goods including 4.5 lakhs wagons of essential commodities like food grains, salt, sugar, edible oil, coal, and petroleum products since march. But as per the passenger asking about start railway services, said the ministry of the railway to start Rail Services after 15 April also said that it is not hinted.

hinted Indian Railways

Indian Railways are doing all its efforts to fight with the coronavirus during Lockdown and ensures that it will work after Lockdown likes it. Some of the community halls of the railways have been converted into quarantine hall.

Rail Services to start after April 15, hinted Indian Railway

During the last two days, there have been some reports in media about various protocols, etc of prospective travelers by trains. They have also been mentioning the number of trains starting from a given date. Most of the people have been far from their native home, they are waiting for 14 April when Indian Railway will start their services. 

The government of India Railway announced to avoid crowding and also said to follow the social distancing after Lockdown when the train will run.

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