By Raghvendra Shikhrani, Updated : Jun 11, 2020 17:16 IST
Rahul Gandhi gets in conversation with  Ambassador Nicholas Burns on COVID19 crises

Senior leader and former president of Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi got in a conversation with  Ambassador Nicholas Burns on CoronaVirus crises through video conferencing. This exclusive interaction between these two will be broadcast tomorrow at 10 AM across all social media platforms. 

Rahul Gandhi himself shared the news on Twitter today and invited his followers to join him and watch his insight on how the CoronaVirus crisis is reshaping the world order. 

He also shared a teaser in which he is interacting with former US diplomat. Last week, his interaction with Rajiv Bajaj, Industrialist, and Managing Director of Bajaj Auto on economic crises due to the CoronaVirus outbreak created a lot of buzz. 

Previously, he held a discussion with former RBI Governor Raghuram Ranjan in April to discuss the crucial phase the world is going through ahead of pandemic CoronaVirus. While interacting with Gandhi Rajan quoted that "the second and third phase of lockdown will be devastating for India."

Gandhi is been very active and spreading awareness for CoronaVirus since January 2020 and probably the first leader from India to intimate about the upcoming crises. He is continuously questioning PM Narendra Modi led NDA government for not being able to control the situation acorss the nation. 

Earlier this month, he had shared a graphic on his official Twitter handle showcasing how Lockdown in India failed in controlling the rising cases of pandemic CoronaVirus. 

Graphic shared by Gandhi was a comparative detailed infographic between India and its international counterparts like Spain, Germany, UK, and Italy. The graphic showcases how other countries witnessed a dip in the cases of CoroanVirus during the lockdown and how cases have been increasing in India continuously even after many phases of lockdown. 

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