By Neha Sinha, Updated : Jun 03, 2020 17:44 IST
Kerala- Pregnant Elephant dies after local fed her Pineapple stuff with Crackers

An incident exposing in Malappuram some people abuse animals, A case of the most brutal form of animal abuse came to light in Kerala with a pregnant elephant. An Elephant died in Kerala because of some people had fed pregnant elephant a pineapple, in which many crackers were filled. Locals in Kerala some people fed a pineapple stuffed with crackers to a pregnant elephant on Wednesday. The elephant died after the pineapple burst in its mouth. This is so cruel incident that happened in Kerala, Local of Kerala fed a cracker stuffed pineapple to a pregnant elephant.

Kerala pregnant elephant incident happened a few days ago, some people had fed such a pineapple to pregnant elephants, in which many crackers were filled. The pineapple was fed by the local Kerala people there. After which this pineapple burst in the pregnant elephant's mouth, due to which her mouth got badly injured and she died. Now the Bollywood celebs including actress Shraddha Kapoor has come on this.  Shraddha Kapoor has got angry with this act of the people and she has reprimanded such people.

Pregnant Elephant dies in Kerala

Shraddha Kapoor wrote in her Twitter, 'How? How can something like this happen? Don't people have a heart? My heart is shattered. Criminals need to be severely punished. 'Shraddha Kapoor has also tagged Peta India with her tweet. People are commenting a lot on this tweet of the actress and giving their feedback. this incident came after a forest officer in Malappuram district of North Kerala narrated the details of Hathini's terrible death on social media.

pregnant elephant a pineapple,

Pregnant Elephant Fed a Pineapple

This elephant went out of the forest to a nearby village in search of food. She was roaming the streets of the village and then some people there gave her a pineapple filled with crackers. Forest Officer Mohan Krishnan wrote in his Facebook post, 'Hathini trusted everyone. When that pineapple would have cracked in her mouth, she must have been scared and thinking about her baby, which she was about to give birth in 18 to 20 months. 'Pineapple crackers were so dangerous that his tongue and mouth were badly injured.' Hathi wandered all over the village in pain and hunger and due to her injury, she could not even eat anything.

After the explosion, the pregnant elephant went to the Velliyar river and stepped in. The forest department brought two elephants- Neelakanthan and Surendran to take the pregnant tusker out of the river. The elephant died at 4 pm while standing in the river.

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