By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 12, 2020 13:41 IST
PM Modi to address the Nation today @8PM, Key announcement on Lockdown expected

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the Nation today at 8 pm tweeted PMO on social media. PM Modi to address the nation hours after holding key meeting with Chief Ministers on lockdown and Covid19 fight. It is expected that PM would make a key announcement today at 8PM in his address. The address likely to remain lockdown & Coronavirus centric. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 8 pm amidst the third phase of nationwide Lockdown imposed due to coronavirus.

After holding Video Conference with Chief Ministers on Monday, PM Modi asked Chief Ministers' opinions on the lockdown. During this time he listened to the suggestions of all the states, in VC several Chief Ministers requested to increase the lockdown and several asked for releive in activities. In such a situation, it is expected that the lockdown move to Phase 4, but with big reliefs. The Lockdown4 trend has started on Twitter as soon as the news of PM Modi's address to the country comes.

This will be fourth address of PM Modi in last 47 days. The PMO's Twitter handle gives information about today's nation's name. It is believed that PM Modi will deliver key address in keeping current situation. The third phase of lockdown is scheduled to end on May 17. This will be the fourth address to the nation since April 24 when lockdown started & likely the focus would be on to defeat the Coronavirus keeping Economy in mind. It is expected that PM Modi likely to authorise states the power to decide future course of action on lockdown. However in his Video Conference PM called all CMs to submit their own blueprint of economic activities and other services by May 15.

PM Modi to Address the Nation Today @8PM

The Prime Minister had yesterday interacted with Chief Ministers in response to COVID-19, situation which has taken over 2,00,000 lives worldwide and infeted millions. In India itself Covid19 cases have surpassed 70,000 mark and more 800 have died. Trains, metros, and inter-state buses and all other transport activities are halted in third phase of nationwide lockdown.

PM Modi had yesterday expressed concern in a tweet that many were not taking the lockdown seriously. 'Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the instructions seriously. I request state governments to ensure rules and laws are followed,' he tweeted in Hindi.

On Monday, PM Modi appealed to state governments to ensure the adherence to the unprecedented measures announced in several parts of the country, saying that many people are still not taking the situation seriously.

Coronavirus Updates

30 states and union territories have announced complete lockdown in their entire areas covering as many as 548 districts, the government said on Monday. Apart from the 30 states or UTs facing complete lockdown, three states or UTs have imposed full lockdown in certain areas.

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