INDIA Cases - 933, Deaths - 20

Global Cases - 650,913, Deaths - 30,299

PM Modi to address the nation today @8PM on Vital aspects of COVID19 - See Latest
PM Modi to address the nation today @8PM on Vital aspects of COVID19

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the state today at 8 pm on the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has infected over 490 people in India. PM Narendra Modi tweeted that 'I will address the nation at 8 pm today on vital aspects relating to the scourge of the pandemic COVID-19,' PM Modi has tweeted.

This is his second address to the state since Thursday when he involved a 'Janata Curfew' on Sunday, a 14-hour self-quarantine to fight the spread of coronavirus. Since then, almost all of India has come under complete lockdown, with states like Punjab imposing a curfew.

PM Modi Address The Nation Today

The Prime Minister had yesterday interacted with the industry and the media to discuss the fallout of coronavirus or COVID-19, which has taken over 14,000 lives worldwide and infected over 3 lakh. In India, nine people have died. Trains, metros, and inter-state buses have been stopped and airlines will stop flying from tomorrow.

PM Modi had yesterday expressed concern in a tweet that many were not taking the lockdown seriously. 'Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the instructions seriously. I request state governments to ensure rules and laws are followed,' he tweeted in Hindi.

On Monday, PM Modi appealed to state governments to ensure the adherence to the unprecedented measures announced in several parts of the country, saying that many people are still not taking the situation seriously.

Coronavirus Updates

30 states and union territories have announced complete lockdown in their entire areas covering as many as 548 districts, the government said on Monday. Apart from the 30 states or UTs facing complete lockdown, three states or UTs have imposed partial lockdown in certain areas.

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As per the Health Ministry report, total cases in India have reached 490, among these more than some people are foreigners. 10 people have died in each State including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, and Delhi. In a recent case, more than 40 people are added to the Corona positive case list in different states in the last days.