04 Jun 2020, 01:16 pm By Raghvendra Shikhrani
PM Modi holds first-ever virtual bilateral summit with Australian PM Scott Morrison: Highlights

In a strategic development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held first every virtual bilateral summit with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison this morning. Aimed at strengthening the ties with Australia and its upward trajectory, PM Modi began the conversation with his Australian counterpart by thanking PM Morrison for accepting the invitation.

PM Modi said, "India and Australia share deep and extensive ties based on the shared interest and values between the two countries. There are endless opportunities to strengthen our friendship, it also brings with it challenges to this potential into reality, how our relationship becomes a factor of stability for the region."

PM Modi also expressed his condolence for the Australian people who lost their lives due to pandemic CoronaVirus and he also thanked Australia for taking care of Indians during this time of crisis. "India is committed to strengthening its relations with Australia, it's not only important for the two nations but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the rest of the world," said Modi.

Modi also opined that the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two nations will be more important in this period of global crises of CoronaVirus. "The world needs a coordinated and collaborative approach to get out of the economic and social side effects of the epidemic," he added.

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Australian PM was supposed to visit India this year but it has been canceled due to pandemic COVID 19 and hence this virtual bilateral summit was initiated. Modi and Scott Morrison both PMs will also review the broad framework of bilateral strategic ties and explore ways to expand cooperation in areas of trade and defense.