PM Modi explains 'Farm Laws' in MP, Here're the key highlights of 18 December Address, Watch Video

PM Modi on Thursday addresses farmers through video conferencing during Kisan Kalyan event in Madhya Pradesh. Prime Minister delivers a key speech on three farm laws passed in Parliament in September. Here're the highlights of the Prime Minister's address.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Dec 18, 2020 15:20 IST
PM Modi explains 'Farm Laws' in MP, Here're the key highlights of 18 December Address, Watch Video
Image courtesy- ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing an event in Madhya Pradesh via video-conferencing, explained the three farm-laws. Interacting with the farmers Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he just want ease in the lives of the farmers. PM said that he wants progress & modernity in the agriculture. Attacking the politics over Farm laws, Prime Minister Modi said "I request all political parties with folded hands, please keep all the credit". Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself announced that he would be addressing the farmers on Thursday, December 17 amid ongoing farm law protests.

Here're the highlights of Prime Minister's Address to Farmers:

Speaking over the credibility of the introduced farm laws Prime Minister said "Farm Laws have not been introduced overnight. Over last 20-30 years, central govt & state govts had detailed discussions on these reforms. Agriculture experts, economists & progressive farmers have been demanding these reforms".

Today, several farmers have been given Kisan Credit Card. Earlier, they were not available to all farmers. But we changed rules to make Kisan Credit Card available to all farmers across the country:

Those who've started this movement in the name of farmers, when they had a chance to run the govt or become part of govt, what they did back then, the country needs to remember. Today, I want to bring their deeds in front of countrymen & farmers.

Political parties should stop misguiding farmers. It's been 6-7 months since Farm laws were implemented. But now suddenly, games are being played to plough one's own political land through a web of lies, PM adds.

They are using farmers, putting guns on shoulders of the farmers thery are playing politics, PM attacked opposition parties targetting the farm laws.

If we'd to remove MSP, why would we implement Swaminathan Commission report? Our govt is serious about the MSP, that's why we declare it before sowing season every year. This makes it easy for farmers to make calculations, PM Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi said that the Swaminathan Commission report is the biggest proof of how ruthless these people can be. These people (Opposition) sat on Swaminathan Commission report recommendations for eight-long years. They ensured that their govt doesn't have to spend much on farmers, so they kept report under wraps.

The part of increment under Contract farming, will also be shared with the farmer, PM said explaining the 'Contract Farming'.

Contractor will pay heavy price if he withdraws from the Contract. Whereas, farmer can withdraw anytime from the contract. Despite of this clearance, if any farmer feels any kind of suspicion, he can interact with Government, doors of negotions are always open, Prime Minister adds.

Prime Minister also announced the next installment of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) scheme, will be disbursed in the coming days.