I did not see God but saw you, PM Modi became emotional after listening to the woman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the countrymen on the second Jan Aushadhi Day and during this he also interacted with the people who benefited from it. During this, PM Modi got emotional during a conversation with a woman. Speaking through video conferencing, PM Modi said that around 6,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras across the country have helped people in saving two thousand to two and a half thousand crore rupees. He said that I appeal to the countrymen to stay away from rumors related to corona virus. Need to follow the advice of doctors in this regard. Avoid shaking hands and once again start greeting people with 'Namaste'.

pm modi get emotional

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PM Modi get emotional while meeting jan Aushadhi

PM Modi said that I appeal to the state governments to ask their doctors to prescribe generic medicines and every month, more than one crore families are taking medicines from Jan Aushadhi Kendras. During this, Deepa Shah, who got the benefit of Prime Minister Bharatiya Janaushadhi Yojana, started crying while talking to PM Modi. Deepa Shah said that I was paralyzed in 2011 and I could not speak. When I was treated, my medicines used to be very expensive. Then you got your medicines and started eating them.

Jan Aushadhi meeting Deepa’s statement

Deepa told that earlier my medicines used to cost five thousand, now medicines started coming from Janushadhi Center in one and a half thousand. If I start saving three thousand rupees from this, then I eat fruit and fruit from it. He said that I have not seen God but seen you as God. Thank you very much. After that the woman started crying. Deepa Shah further said that the Chief Minister and our people have helped a lot. He said that I was answered by the doctors that I will not be cured, but healed with your speech and blessings. I again say that I have not seen God, but you have seen the original form of God and now I have started speaking a little bit.