By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jul 16, 2020 13:24 IST
Invalid Pensions to Soldiers with less than 10 years' Service: Defence Ministry

The Central government has taken a decision to allow Invalid Pension to Armed Forces personnel with less than 10 years of qualifying service. Under the proposal "when on officer is invalided out of service on account of a disability which is neither attributed nor aggravated by military service, he will be entitled to invalid pension, if service actually rendered is 10 years or more and invalid gratuity, if it is less than 10 years" says Ministry of Defence.

The amount of invalid pension will be equal to the service element of disability pension that would have been admissible in case the causes were attributed by military service. The invalid pension will be subject to the minimum of Rs 3500/ PM w.e.f 1-1-06.

The amount shall be calculated at half a month's Reckonable Emoluments that is pay in pay band, grade pay, Military Service pay, NPA for each completed six monthly, period of qualifying service.

  • The category E shall be entitled to War Injury Pensions consisting of Service Element and War Injury Elements
  • The rate of war Injury element for 100% disability on retirement shall be 30% of emoulment and for disability less than 100% pension shall be reduced propotionally.
  • No war injury shall be payable for disabilities less than 20%.
  • Ex- gratia awards in respect of Cadets in the event of disablement by conditions of military training shall be admissible from 1-1-06 to life.

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An officer may submit two appeals against rejection of disability pension to Service Headquarters and Defence Ministry Appellate Committee. 50% of War injury pension is commutable provided disability is of permanent nature for life. The proposal has been approved by Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday.

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