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Pakistan Can Be Black Listed: FATF Result Today See-Countries Favoring India & Pakistan

FATF procedure provides that after thriving a year in grey-listing, if the action plan remains substantially unaddressed, Pakistan can be Black Listed Today. As per FATF plan not addressing the FATF warnings in money laundering & terrorism financing the next step, which is black-listing, could be considered for Pakistan, as per reports. Several countries including India have asked FATF members to blacklist Pakistan, citing the Terrorist roots, terrorists? support including recent one where Islamabad allowed the Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed to withdraw funds. On October, 18th (Friday) the decision on Pakistan?s fate in Grey List/ Dark Grey List/ Black List to be declared.

Pakistan can Be Black Listed- FATF Result Today

FATF Causes- The decision on Pakistan Black Listing is going to announce on Friday 18 October, as per official reports. Based on assessment made by FATF's Asia Pacific Group's reports, earlier Pakistan was found as a non-compliant in four areas, and partially compliant on 26 areas. It was found compliant in one area and largely compliant in nine areas. The only area where it was found to be compliant was financial institution secrecy laws. Based on reports FATF, will see deliberations from October 13 till October 18, and is ?under intense discussions? on each of these commitments.

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What is India's Stance & Approach

India who has suffered most due to Pakistan's sponsoring of Terrorism and Intense infiltrations in Jammu & Kashmir and support to infiltrators has clarified its stand to FATF. Indian leaders have done their favor to putting intense pressure on Islamabad in recent months. From latest G7 Summit meetings to visits to Arabian countries Indian Prime Modi had met leaders from Belgium, France, the US, the UK, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa, among others, at the UN, Jaishankar had met his counterparts from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey and Japan at the UN. He has also met his counterparts from the two regional organisations in FATF ? the GCC and the EC. On other hand Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had met leaders from Finland and has met his counterparts from France, Germany and Canada. Doval and Jaishankar had also visited Russia separately in last month.

Who stand Along with Pakistan

Pakistan is struggling to find solutions and tricks to face the Black List sword hanging over their fate. On other hand, China which is considered iron brother of Pakistan may come out against the panel support Pakistan Black listing. On Friday it will finally clear at how many points Pakistan has white face and at home many it will be painted black. Among other selected supporters of Pakistan- Malaysia, Turkey & China may come out. Any other country in any continent hardly be there to support. The final decision will be in hand of Xiangmin Liu who is China based President.

Who will Chair & Take Decision on Pakistan Black Listing-

Officials from 37 countries and two regional organisations are discussing the issues pertaining to Pakistan. Currently FATF has Xiangmin Liu as President and he opened the FATF plenary meeting.

Which Countries are in Fear List

The key outcomes of the FATF three days meetings on global action against money-laundering and terrorist-financing, and decisions are likely to be announced today. Sword is hanging on Pakistan most, Iran and other countries will be announced on Friday, the FATF briefed.

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