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Pakistan Begged to UN for Hafiz Saeed Bank Account - See Latest
01 Apr 2020, 09:38 pm By Sanjay Joon
Pakistan Begged to UN for Hafiz Saeed Bank Account

Pakistan on Wednesday begged to United Nations (UN) for Hafiz Saeed to make use his Bank account for the basic needs. Hafiz Saeed who is now a global terrorist has been restricted and sanctioned to use Bank accounts. Pakistan in UNSC on a terrorist’s behalf pleaded on Wednesday to allow to use Bank accounts to feed his family & UNSC approved this request. Earlier Saeed who is the leader of Jamaat-ud-Dawa a global militant group banned by the UN on his terrorist activities across boundries. Pakistan earlier under global pressure freezed his Bank accounts and attached his properties.

This was the shameful act in United Nations Security Council, that a Country on behalf of a global terrorist, requested Global community to fund him for basic needs. As per the sources Hafiz Saeed is allowed to use 1000 USD for his basic needs.

Reports coming from India, term that Pakistan is now playing a victim Card in United Nation on the Terrorism issue and trying to showcase that it has taken strict actions against Terrorists inside its soil. Earlier Hafiz Saeed was seen moving free in Pakistan and later just before Imran Khan’s visit to Washington in July, the global terrorist again arrested from Gujranwala.  

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In USA United Nations General Assembly session is going on these days & Pakistan who is reached there only to raise the J&K issue is only insulted on several issues. Getting shame on mouth from Global community over use of Terrorism as its state policy, Pakistan is humiliated by several agencies.

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