24 Apr 2020, 12:19 pm By Neha Sinha
Ninety Three years old becomes oldest Covid19 Cured, Report

A ninety three-year-old and his eighty-eight-year-old wife both recovered after testing positive. The couple got infected from their daughter and son in law, who returned from Italy. They also suffered from hypertension and diabetes that too added a risk factor in their case.

They were treated at Kottayam medical college hospital in Kerala. After that treatment, both were found negative and have been discharged. The decision to discharge them was taken after their latest sample test also turned negative for coronavirus, stated by state govt. official. Medical professionals consider the recovery of the couple as a ray of hope.

Ninety-Three years old becomes the oldest Covid19 Cured

The name of the 93 years is Thomas Abraham. He has become the oldest person to recover from this global pandemic. Even people from the medical field consider it a miracle. His wife 88-year-old Maryamma has recovered successfully from this deadly disease.

 Oldest person cured In India

The doctor says that before the discharge couple was in ICU for several days.Dr. RP Renjin who was part of the treatment team said that they were quite difficult and irritable when they were admitted to the hospital as they didn’t want to get separated from each other in ICU.

 Oldest person cured In India of COVID-19 

However, staff managed to find two rooms in the hospital separated by the glass so that they can see each other. Hospital staff call them mother and father by affection. Also, they lead a simple life with simple food habits and no alcoholism and smoking habits.

The incident somehow also declines the myth associated with the age-related deficiency to fight against COVID-19.
In Kerala, 438 cases have been reported as of now and 3 have died due to COVID-19. Whereas in all India 23,077 cases are corona positive in which 4749 have recovered and 718 people died due to this deadly disease.

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