Nirbhaya Case: Declare Execution Day as ‘Rape Prevention Day’ Activist writes Smriti Irani

On Thursday an Activist wrote a letter to Union Minister Smriti Irani for declaring the day of execution of convicts of 2012 Delhi Gang-rape as the ‘Rape prevention day’. In her letter the NGO founder said on the day of execution- ‘one daughter of India will get justice and alongside there are many who longs for the justice. Her latter also briefed on heinous crime not only in one corner but across horizons- she added –This decade has seen some of the heinous rape incidents, from Nirbhaya to Unnao to Kathua to many who couldn’t make it to the news hour debates. Although these incidents have brought one positive change’.

Declare Rape Prevention Day

Founder of PARI (People Against Rape in India) writes to Smriti Irani to declare execution day as 'Rape Prevention Day' & on Thursday as ANI reported. Concerning the Nirbhaya case where the execution of Nirbhaya Gang rapists has been declared by Supreme Court and final petition is filed by them, she added why can’t we declare the execution day as ‘Rape Prevention Day’?

The latter also said that the awareness created amongst in masses is contagious. We the people of India, have united in the war against rapes in the country, with a vision to create sensitive society to that every woman in India can live without fear. ‘The road to victory is long, yet we cannot give up. The execution should not be seen as an end to the case but should mark a new era in India atleast. Hence I propose to declare the day as ‘Rape Prevention Day’.

rape prevention day

NGO PARI activist wrote a letter to Smriti Irani to declare execution day as 'Rape Prevention Day'

She also said that naming the execution day as ‘Rape Prevention Day’ shall help every Indian to understand what Nirbhaya and her family endured their vow to the vision of a Rape Free India.

Nirbhaya Case Live Updates:

Tihar Jail has asked for a new Execution date as mercy plea is expected to take time and predecided date of Execution as 22 January could be turned down.

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On other hand Union Minister Prakash Javdekar has accused Kejriwal Government for delay in execution of gang rape rapists