New Hanta Virus emerged aside of Corona from China, trending on Social Media

After Coronavirus, There has been a case of death due to the Hanta Virus. According to reports, a person has died in China due to this new virus. People are also doing a lot of research about this virus on social media. There is news that a person died in the Chinese province of Greece on Monday after being infected with the Hantavirus. most of the states have lockdown due to coronavirus, According to a report by the Chinese state newspaper Globar, Times said that social media has created a Ruckus after informing about the incident.

Hantavirus emerged aside of Corona from China 

Fearing new virus, people are talking about prevention efforts before it becomes an epidemic. Many users say that if people do not stop eating animals in China, then such viruses will always be a threat to human life. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, mice are at risk of Hantavirus infection. If a healthy person also comes in contact with Hantavirus, then there is a risk of getting infected. Although the hantavirus does not pass from one person to another, if a person touches his eyes, nose, and mouth after touching the feces, urine, etc. of mice, then there is a risk of getting infected with this virus.


What is Hanta Virus?

Hantavirus is not killing like coronavirus. Experts believe that it does not spread in the air through the corona. Along with this, it infects the human coming in contact with the rat or squirrel. 

Hanta Virus Symptoms 

This can cause fever, headache, body pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea to the infected person. When the infected person with such symptoms is delayed in treatment, the lungs get filled with water, which causes him to have trouble breathing.

What are the causes?

There are different types of mice. Each of these spreads a wide variety of viruses. All of those viruses are viruses that originate from the hantavirus family.

Is the virus really deadly?

Hantavirus is deadly. According to the CDC, 38 percent of patients infected with it die. This case of Hantavirus has come to light in China at a time when Coronavirus is already showing its outbreak into the whole world. 

The United Nations has already declared Corona a global pandemic. So far, more than 16 thousand people have died worldwide due to coronavirus. More than 3 lakh 82 thousand people have been infected all over the world. The coronavirus has spread to 196 countries.

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