By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Aug 07, 2020 13:45 IST
New Education Policy 2020: It will help students 'How to think', PM Modi in virtual conclave

Addressing a virtual conclave on 'Transformational Reforms in Higher Education', Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday says that New Education Policy 2020 will help students on "How to think" from 'What to think'. On Friday, giving his addressing remarks PM said that "Our education system focussed on 'What to think' so far but under New Education policy emphasises on 'How to think' and there's no dearth of info & content in the time in which we're today, he added. The Prime Minister Modi was addressing the ‘Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under NEP 2020’which recently annonced by Union cabinet. In his remarks, PM said that the New policy will increase students’ interest to learn and participate in class activities.

On implementation of the NEP 2020 Prime Minister said that the work of implementation is just starting right from here. He said New Education Policy will not be just implementation by issuing circulars and notifying. For this you (Heads of the Institutions) have to make up your mind, you all have to show strong will. This work is like a Mahayagya for you to create the present and future of India, Prime Minister said.

To implement the National Education Policy, we all have to work together determinedly. A new round of dialogue and coordination with Universities, Colleges, School education boards, different states, different stakeholders is about to start from here, he added.

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Highlighting the demand of new reforms in Education sector he said “There were no major changes in our education system in the past few years. As a result, instead of promoting the values of curiosity and Imagination in our society, a heep mentality was being encouraged. NEP is also the basis of India's National Educational Policy and this will help us to set up foundation for 21st century India, a new India, Prime Minister said during virtual conclave.

On New Education Policy prime minister said that People from different fields & ideologies are giving their views & reviewing this Policy. It's a healthy debate. The more it is done, the more it will be beneficial to the education system of the country.

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